Postdoctoral researchers:

Vahid Babaei (2017-2018), now at MPI Informatik

Vamsi Kiran Adhikarla (2015-2017), now at zLens

Research assistants/Interns:

Itrat Rubab (2017/18), Haebom Lee (2015-2017), Aleksander Sas (2016), Medha Juneja (2015/16), Kireeti Bodduna (2015/16), Łukasz Hanuszczak (2015/16), Michał Jagielski (2015), Michael Wessely (2015)

Master students:

Constantin Berhard, A GPU Line Sweeping Framework, 2016-2017, moved on to SemVox

Junaid Ali, Perceptually Driven Frame-Rate Manipulations, 2016-2017, moved on to MPI SWS

Ildar Gilmutdinov, Fabrication of objects with controlled deformation behaviour using tetrakaidecahedron cells, 2016-2018, moved on to TU Wien

Sebastian Cucerca, Reflectance measurement and fabrication tools for gloss editing, 2017-2019, moved on to be Reasearch Engineer at MPI Informatics.

Bachelor students:

Niccolò Zuppichini, A robust pipeline to process 3D objects for virtual reality visualization, 2018-2019.